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E10: Evolving the Leadership Mindset with Sam McAfee


Show Notes

Sam McAfee is razor sharp in the world of product development, leadership, and training, but he also brings a huge amount of compassion and coaching to his work and to this interview. In this episode he’s talking about mindfulness, growth mindset, and sharing relatable challenges as well as how to overcome them:
✅For managers: How to have effective conversations with executives
✅For executives: Why a bigger stick won’t make your team more productive
✅For all of us: Insights into the evolution of the leadership mindset
As a Silicon Valley veteran of 20 years, Sam McAfee has helped many companies build and scale new digital products, find product-market fit, and build and improve product development capabilities. He works with product executives and teams to build strong leadership and execution skills, through a focus on mindfulness, team autonomy, and social impact. Companies he’s worked with include: Adobe, Sharethrough, Teach for America, Anthem, PG&E, Blackstone, Credit Sesame and many others. He wrote the book, Startup Patterns, and is a regular speaker at product and engineering events around the US.

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