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E14: Think Like an Outsider with Bryan Eisenberg


Show Notes

Our guest today is best-selling author and internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, Bryan Eisenberg.
Bryan and his brother Jeffrey Eisenberg are the pioneers of frameworks like Persuasion Architecture and CRO that most marketers use in their work every day.
Today, Bryan is actually talking about thinking like an OUTSIDER, a mindset that is even more relevant today than when we recorded this episode, so it's worth a listen for anyone still recalibrating from the tectonic shifts of the last several weeks:
✅Mindset shifts to help ANY company remove friction from sales
✅Bryan and Jeffrey's strategic reading list (hint: it's TOTALLY unexpected)
✅Real examples of outsiders disrupting industries with outside-the-box thinking


Bryan Eisenberg is an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving conversion rates, persuasive content and persona marketing, and helping organizations improve their customer experiences. He is the co-founder of BuyerLegends and the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?”, “Always Be Testing”, “Buyer Legends” and “Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It“. Bryan is also the co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Web Analytics Association (now the Digital Analytics Association).

Bryan serves as an advisory board member of  several venture capital backed startup companies (e.g., Bazaarvoice, UserTesting.com, Sightly, BoostMedia, AllClearID, WelcomeCommerce, OneSpot etc.), and Host of the Business Travel Hacks podcast. He has been a featured expert by publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, quoted in Business 2.0, CXO Europe, Advertising Age, CNN, Forrester Research, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and MarketingSherpa for his thought leadership in the critical area of internet marketing and improving online conversion rates.



One Percent Better Project: https://bit.ly/2QToE6S

Be Like Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ut1VWN









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