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E11: The Future of Video with Melissa Matlins

Feb 25, 2020


Show Notes 

Our guest today is Melissa Matlins, VP of B2B Marketing at Vimeo. In this interview, Melissa shares:
Strategic leadership advice: Exactly what she does in her...

E09: Making Change Stick with Shari Johnston

Feb 11, 2020


Show Notes

Today we’re hearing from none other than Shari Johnston, Founder of Women in Revenue, Partner at Winning by Design, and B2B marketing leader with a long track record as...

E08: Developing a Project Vision with Seth Romanow

Feb 04, 2020


Show Notes

Seth Romanow is an experienced marketer and executive specializing in data and analytics. He's held C-level roles at companies like Microsoft and HP and is currently a partner...

E05: Pioneering a New Category with Marne Reed

Sep 03, 2019



Show Notes

We had a chance to sit down with Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist and VP of Strategic Alliances at PFL for an exciting conversation about what she is most excited about...

E03: The Change Management Mindset Behind Scalable ABM with Meagan French

Aug 20, 2019


Show Notes

This week's guest is Meagan French, marketing leader & @Lotus Growth Founder whose high-impact consulting with technology-based companies is reflected in dozens of...

E01: Building a Customer Marketing Powerhouse with Heidi Bullock

Aug 06, 2019


Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Insider Insights, a web show featuring timely and relevant insights from B2B thought leaders and niche experts.

In this episode, Building a...

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