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E08: Developing a Project Vision with Seth Romanow

Feb 04, 2020


Show Notes

Seth Romanow is an experienced marketer and executive specializing in data and analytics. He's held C-level roles at companies like Microsoft and HP and is currently a partner...

E05: Pioneering a New Category with Marne Reed

Sep 03, 2019



Show Notes

We had a chance to sit down with Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist and VP of Strategic Alliances at PFL for an exciting conversation about what she is most excited about...

E03: The Change Management Mindset Behind Scalable ABM with Meagan French

Aug 20, 2019


Show Notes

This week's guest is Meagan French, marketing leader & @Lotus Growth Founder whose high-impact consulting with technology-based companies is reflected in dozens of...

E01: Building a Customer Marketing Powerhouse with Heidi Bullock

Aug 06, 2019


Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Insider Insights, a web show featuring timely and relevant insights from B2B thought leaders and niche experts.

In this episode, Building a...

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