Go to market with so much insight it's almost unfair

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Close your Buyer Blind Spot with competitive market intel

Get all of the intel you need to create a highly competitive GTM strategy—in under a quarter. That's less time than it takes to purchase and implement data & analytics technology.

GTM Clarity


Customer intelligence for GTM success


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Executive Brief

A 30,000 ft. brief for your strategic team on the market's perception of your brand, an opportunity & threat assessment, benchmarking, and our insights on your next steps.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis of direct & indirect competitors, gaps in solutions, gaps in value, and opportunities for differentiation based on direct market feedback.

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Value Matrix

A visual representation of how your buyers perceive the value of your solutions and evaluate you against direct and indirect competitors, segmented by buying behavior.


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Buyer's Journey Map

Map showing how buyers within target accounts engage in your complex sale. Includes key milestones in the buying journey, from purchase drivers to closed deal or renewal.

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Buying Committee Profile

Charts of all key stakeholders on the buying committees of your target accounts, not just the 1-2 people most sales reps get face time with.

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Behavioral Buyer Personas

Buyer persona profiles of the most important influencers and decision makers on your buying committees, based on relevant B2B behavioral data.


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Deal Analysis

Assessment of your last +/- 10 deals for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your sales team and sales strategy.

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Retention Analysis

Buyer insights that you need to reduce churn: Expectations, desired outcomes, and success stories across various buyer segments.

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Messaging Brief

Curated messaging inspiration with words and phrases from actual buyers. Includes raw, anonymized interview transcript files for your own ongoing discovery.



Gain the competitive high ground

Market Trends

Identify trends that impact demand 

Discover how your brand is perceived

Learn how your brand is perceived against a backdrop of underlying industry trends and shifts in your market.

Know when to pivot

Make data-driven decisions about resource allocation. Surface new revenue opportunities and sunset strategies that are no longer helping you reach your next big milestone. 

Lean into change

Change is constant—from the pandemic to emerging technology to new generations entering the workforce. The only real variable how you will respond.


Uncover hidden revenue drivers

Find out where customers experience value

Discover unknown use cases and elements of perceived value so your team can have better conversations, spend less time feature dumping and more time closing.

Increase solution awareness

Identify opportunities for value-adds & upsells for customers who aren't taking full advantage of the suite of solutions you offer. 

Boost acquisition, retention, or both

Identify your highest priority revenue opportunities in the next 12-18 months—net new, upsell & renewal (or both) and focus resources in those areas.




Uncover hidden revenue drivers
Strategic Positioning


Take your solution from nice-to-have to must-have

Segment your market

Most companies segment their market and buyers based firmographics and role. We segment your buyers based on behavior so you can link your solutions to their individual, ‘must-have’ outcomes rather than making role-based assumptions on value.

Customize your solutions

What works well for one segment of your buyers can create friction for others. Understand the variations in segments of your buyers so you can customize solutions and reduce friction.

Deliver compelling value props

End race-to-the-bottom pricing with compelling value props based on buyers—not the boardroom (or your competitors).

Win more deals

Find out why deals keep going dark

Some of the most important insights come from the deals you didn't close. We'll ask the tough questions (so you don't have to) and find out the REAL reasons your prospects chose a competitor over you.

Tailor your account-based approach

Design an account-based marketing and sales process that supports evaluation and purchase by committee, not one or two ad-hoc personas. 

Multi-thread your sales

Stop leaving deal success in the hands of a single point of contact by multi-threading your sales throughout entire buying committees.

Win more deals
Revenue Intelligence



Stop living and dying by the quarter

Keep your finger on the pulse of your market

Buyers experience the impact of  shifting market conditions before you do. Develop a tight feedback loop with your buyers so that when something happens, you know about it.

Attract, train, and retain top talent

Your teams feel the pressure of going into customer interactions blindly. Make everyone an expert on your buyers so they have the confidence and resources they need to succeed at your organization.

Base high-stakes decisions on data—not guesswork

When you understand your position in the market, know who your buyers are, and how customers are using your solutions, you can feel confident making high-level strategic decisions that will move you toward your next big growth milestone.



How it Works

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your mission

Choose the metrics and customer segments that are projected to have the most value for your business in the next 12-18 months.


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your task force

As your market intelligence task force, we'll conduct exploratory interviews with cohorts of your high-value buyers, giving your team bandwidth to maintain day-to-day priorities while we get answers to your most burning GTM questions.

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strategic GTM insights

When we're done with our research and analysis you'll have highly competitive insights at your fingertips that you can use to upgrade your GTM strategy, brief your team on your buyers, and tackle growth—without the guesswork.

2020 is here. We can't stop the waves but we can help you surf. 

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